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Tihi Is Website Traffic Methods Exposed

Description: Tihi Is Website Traffic Methods Exposed
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Proven Methods to Get Targeted Traffic To Your Website
Website Traffic & Your Business
•Without website traffic your online business will not survive.
•Traffic brings you the audience that takes action on your site.
•Targeted website traffic is the best type of traffic you can get.
•Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
•Rely on traffic from a variety of sources.
•Be consistent with your traffic efforts.
•Remember that content is key to any traffic strategy.

Tracking Your Website Visitors with Google Analitic
Proven Website Traffic Methods
•SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
•PPC Ads
•Paid Banner Ads
•RSS Submissions
•Forum Marketing
•Q&A Sites
•Press Releases
•Online Classifieds
•Directory Submissions
•Social Bookmarking
•Article Submissions
•Guest Blogging
•Web 2.0 Sites (Squidoo, etc.)
•Old School Marketing
•Solo Ads
•Joint Ventures
•Blog Commenting
•Viral Report
•Video Marketing
•Document Sharing Sites

Traffic Method #1: SEO
•SEO or Search Engine Optimization is working to improve a websites position and visibility in the organic (un-paid) results.
•The higher the rankings, the more targeted traffic you receive.
•Target keywords that will send you the right kind of visitors.
•SEO begins with proper keyword research.
•Google AdwordsKeyword Tool
•SEO Book Keyword Tool
•SEO includes making changes to your site to help search engines find and display your content to their users.
•A growing factor in SEO is social signals.
•You also want to get quality backlinks and content distribution.

Traffic Method #1: SEO
•Start with On Page SEO. This involves:
•Changing the HTML coding (Title Tags and Meta Description)
•How content is worded and displayed.
•Structure of your content and inner linking.
•On Page Change #1: Title Tags
•Your target keywords should appear in the title tag.
•Most important On Page SEO factor.
•Create unique title tags for each page of content.
•No more than 70 characters and keep site branding for last.
Traffic Method #1: SEO
•On Page Change #3: Internal Linking –Get Your Content Found
•Setup a Sitemap which contains all the links to your internal pages on one page.
•If using Wordpressuse the Google XML Sitemaps Plugin.
•Use text based links when linking internally to your pages.
•Don’t link through javascriptlinks, images, flash, etc.
•Wordpresssites have an RSS feed which is another plus.
•On Page Change #4: Improve Your Site’s Page Speed
•Check the page speed of your home page using Google’s PageSpeedInsights Tool.
•Run a search for

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